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Clinic Business

Running a clinic takes years of education, planning and clear advertising strategies designed to bring in the type of patient with whom you want to confer. Your clinic may appeal to a wide range of people or focus on specific segments of the population, such as families with children or elderly people who need geriatric care. Learning everything you can about your market, including the types of media they use to get medical information and how they find a clinic, is key to uncovering and using the best advertising strategies.


Almost all the people in the world are using digital gadgets, engagemore time on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat and the like. Target audience is Internet-savvy,so nowadays it is very appropriate to use your website to make it easy for people to book an appointment.

Clinic Business

At THE ONE VENTURE, we can provide an online booking system and forms for new patients to print, complete and bring with them to new appointments. We can help build your site to show office hours, the types of insurance you take and the background and education of each doctor in the clinic. Using images, videos and building strategies to give the doctors in your clinic a way to convince prospective patients to set up an appointment by providing helpful health information, medical updates and prescription facts. 


Gaining exposure and establishing credibility makes the use of social media tactics an ideal way to show prospective patients how you can help ease their troubles. Our team is very willing to help you assess and plan in reaching target audiences near you. 


Check our offer and expertise below:

  • Create and set up an amazing and effective campaign

  • Create catchy content for FB Ads

  • Define and research your exact target audience

  • Create lead generation form on Facebook to collect customer details

  • Reduce cost per lead to make the ad more cost - effective

  • Improve the result of your leads

  • Manage and optimize your campaign

  • Weekly and Monthly Facebook Ads Report


Let us handle the heavy-lifting and watch your leads go through the roof!

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