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Building CRM to Increase Leads

With over 2.38 billion monthly active users, you can use the platform to spread the word about your business in a number of different ways -- from photos or videos to paid advertisements.


One of our clients wanted to generate more leads. We agreed upon each other as partners to build out an online lead generation funnel that would create great impact in the industry they advertise. We talk about the process where they could regularly be generating online leads.


We offer services over the years to them:


*Create and set up an amazing and effective ADS campaign to get people to sign up for your webinar (FB/IG)

*Create catchy content for FB ADS

*Define & Research Your Exact Target Audience

*Improve the result of your leads

*Manage and optimize your campaign

*Weekly and monthly Facebook ads report

As part of the lead generation process, the marketing and brokerage firms made a series of Facebook ads with the lead generation objective set. We had helped the company build a CRM that could capture these leads as they came in.


Results: Within a day, they received more than 10 leads for lowest price. In the next 90 days, the marketing firm claimed the ads generated over 370 local leads at the average cost of $6.77 each. Each lead gave the company their name, email, and phone number.


More audiences had confirmed and engaged with the ads we are generating. This shows how Facebook ad targeting can be helpful when you're seeking out leads from a specific audience in a local area. Ad targeting allowed their posts to be placed on the news feeds of people in the area who might be searching for real estate or have interests related to buying a home. This, in turn, might have caused them more success in gaining leads.

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